Q.   Is it for all ages
A.   Yes, with the exception to anyone freaked out by the "Mall Santa"

Q.   Why do you do this ?
A.   From building a haunted house in my basement for my 9th Birthday, to honestly watching every horror film ever produced ...... my ultimate dream is to build "The Monster Museum"

Q.  Where do you get all the props and stuff ?
A.  From the moment you step into a Brinkworth Dungeon production, you are surrounded by everything dreamed up or hand built by our creative in-house team.   From the website built by my Father Al, to a few of the iconic characters like "Chucky", "Stripe" from "Gremlins", Linda Blair's character, "Regan" in the "Exorcist" built by my Brother Bill, to my own personal sculptures of "Elvira", "Frankenstein", "Dr. Jekyll", "The Mummy" ... and the list goes on.   This year more haunted decor is created by hand, right down to my fiancÚ Tammy's pet project "The Bride of Frankenstein"    The show is a must see !!

Q.  How are the figures made, are they mannequins ? 
A.   No ... that would defeat the purpose of  "we make everything".  From the first figures such as Elvira and Frankenstein, they started with research of many photographs .... and a foam wig-head, on a wood frame structure.   After more than 100 hours spent sculpting each character, a mold was made.  From there a casting is detailed with an airbrush, to highlight skin textures .... hand painted eye lenses added and they are ready for you to see !

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